Our Services


With outstanding experience in the fiscal and accounting area, our services range from international tax planning for investments of Brazilian nationals in the USA or foreigners in Brazil, as well as the preparation of Income Tax returns and other tax returns in general - especially for the IRS in the USA - in addition to traditional tax advice and advice.


Among our clients are Financial Institutions, Investment Funds, Asset Managers, National and Multinational Companies, Family Offices, Ultra-High Individuals, Executives, etc.






Please find below examples of our services:

Tax Consulting Services involving issues with the IRS (USA)
  • Preventive tax consulting assistance
  • Assistance with audit procedures (IRS)


Preparation of Tax Returns (USA)

  • Individuals (Forms 1040, 1040NR, etc.)
  • Corporations (Form 1120, 1120F, etc.)
  • Partnerships (Form 1065, Schedule K-1, etc.)
  • International Tax Forms (5471, 8865, 8858, etc.)
  • Foreign Financial Assests Form (Form 8938)
  • FBAR - Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts
  • ​PFIC Testing & PFIC Statements
  • Gift Tax Return, Estate Tax Return, Trust Tax Return, etc.​


Tax Amnesty - IRS (USA)

  • OVDP
  • Streamlined (U.S. Residents & Non-Residents)


Internacional Tax Planning

  • Brazilians investing in the USA or Abroad
  • Non-Residents & Americans investing in Brazil


Estate & Gift Tax Planning - Brazil e International (USA)


Pre-Imigration Tax Planning (USA)


Internacional Income Tax Planning


Brazilian Tax & Accouting Advisory


Tax & Accouting Assistance in M&A Transactions


Tax Due Diligence